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about us

Lilly & Lolly is renowned for delivering a quality and exact finish on furniture. In particular, our manufacturing teams, based in Australia, are motivated to make all of our products to excel in in durability.

Megan Butler, owner and director says 'I have more than 14 years industry experience working with manufacturers to ensure quality is assured. I have maintained a hands-on approach and visit our factories week to ensure that quality is sustained. My onsite presence has helped to preserve our quality over the years.'

Customers say that they are so surprised when they receive our products. They are surprised at the weight and strength of each item. In our showroom, we have been challenged, especially by builders, trying to move our furniture to test its stability - and they can't. It does not move! It is built with integrity, the old fashioned way, so it does not break down over time. 

Our furniture is not flat packed

Lilly & Lolly back these claims with a 10 year warranty on each item. Our furniture is not flat packed. You will not have to juggle multiple pieces, screws & instructions to put our items together. Bookcases, desks, bedsides, chests of drawers etc are all fully constructed & delivered as such to your door! Further, this means that, especially if you are moving from house to house, the furniture's integrity holds up year after year.

Our furniture is far from normal

So why have we made such good quality furniture for kids? You may be thinking 'it is for kids which means that they don't have it for longĀ' or do they? Think about it, a toddler will go into a bed at around 2 years and possible exit their bedroom in their 20s. That's around 20 years and that room will be their room to possibly return to for years to come. That's a long time! As a mother of 3 I know that kids are tough on their stuff. So if you buy well this means you only need to buy once. Ultimately saving you time and money - that makes sense!

Built to last - buy once buy well

Our designs are enduring. Our secret is that we actually design for adults and not for kids - if we love it, it joins our collection. Teaching kid's to appreciate good design from an early age. Just like our furniture quality, we design with our long-term philosophy, scrutinising each item with the same vision. Simple and classic, allowing the furniture to transition aesthetically from tots to teens with dress changes. We love that we can create a stable, long term environment for your child. They keep the same pieces in their room, and the fun redress or restyle can be appropriated to suit current trends and your child's personality.

So there you have it..this is what motivates us to keep producing here in Australia for your kids. If you want to know more about our brand or what we do, please drop us an email.