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Pop Candle - Fig
Pop Candle - Fig

Pop Candle - Fig

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The Pop Candle Fig smells like bergamot, ivy, coconut, emerald moss and figwood.

Gives you the feeling of a morning hike, a honeymoon in Capri and cocktails with your best friend!

Details and Care Instructions:

-3.25" Diameter 3.25"H
-7.5 oz. candle
-Approcimate burn time 40 hrs

To minimize the amount of wax left on the sides of the vessel and damage caused by overheating dont leave your candle burning for any longer then 2-3hrs.

Make sure you always trim your wick before relighting it. If you dont trim your wicks they do something called 'mushrooming' this will cause your candle to smoke and the flame can become to big.

The candle is set in a reusable coloured vessel. Use it as a bud vase, glass or anything you like!